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The experiment site is in the Larderello area, Tuscany (Italy).
This choice is motivated by various factors:
The site has been used for geothermal energy exploitation for over 100 years, consequently large amounts of data and experience have been gathered, and there is a well-developed infrastructure in place. Both of which will reduce the cost related to drilling and exploration.
The combination of shallow depth for super-critical conditions and the possibility to deepen an existing well reduces the cost of drilling and focuses the project on drilling into formations with super-critical conditions and its related challenges.
Experience from the nearby wells, combined with seismic investigations gives a high probability of reaching the drilling target.
The site is representative of deep conditions in continental crust, the most common condition in Europe. Indeed, the expertise gained from drilling in super-critical reservoirs in Larderello is not limited to the specific location. There are “deep, super-critical geothermal reservoirs” in several countries in Europe and the rest of the world, at greater, but still drillable, depths.


Air gun operating into the pool for VSP zero offset data acquisition
Vibroseis at remote location (site 2a) in operation
Production test @ Venelle well 06/05/2017
Time lapse: Work at Venelle well drilling pad 02/03/2017
ENEL Descramble Timelapse 03