Actual status, project updates

Joint Efforts to Strengthen Geothermal Energy

Currently the project has achieved the following main outcomes:

  • The realization of the project website ( including a private area realized with a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) acting as data repository and information exchange within the project consortium, and the implementation of the Data Management Plan (DMP).

  • A Web Project Conference to share the information and lesson learned from similar projects, i.e., Japan (JBBP) and Iceland (IDDP2). The follow-up of the web conference was a physical meeting, held in Larderello on the 3-4 of February 2016.

  • The implementation of regional and local simulation model with available data (figure 1).


Figure 1 – An example of local model under study

  • The upgrading of the seismic network by installing 4 new micro-seismic stations and the software for the analysis.

  • The completion of VSP and Piggy Back Experiment (figure 2) aimed at the determination of the velocity structure in the shallow subsurface, and the investigations of the deep structures by modelling the recorded seismic signals. Deep drilling target through data integration has been defined.


Figure 2 – Piggy Back imaging results

  • The preliminary well logs at depth of 1596 m in the Venelle_2 well were carried out. In particular: HDIL (High Definition Induction log), WGI (Wellbore Geometry Instrument), TTRM (Temperature, Tension and Mud Resistivity sub), UXPL (Ultrasonic Explorer for CBIL Image log), XMAC (X-Multipole Array Acoustic log), FLEX (Formation Lithology eXplorer) and DSL (Digital Spectralog). Data have been analysed and interpreted.
Figure 3 – HT-HP logging tool
  • After the collection of about 20 rock samples from several wells in the metamorphic basement, and chemical fluid sampling from nearby wells, the chemical and mineralogical analyses are providing information related to deep seated chemical and thermodynamic condition. Completion rate of fluid inclusion, predrilling fluid samples and rock samples laboratory analyses are 80%, 70% and 80%, respectively.

  • The design and realization of a tool for measuring pressure and temperature in high temperature and pressure conditions (figure 3). The laboratory test was completed successfully and the tool is on his way to Tuscany.

  • Detailed well design and the procurement of necessary material are completed, and the drilling pad is ready (figure 4).

    Figure 4 – Drilling Pad completed