WP6 - Dissemination

[Months: 3-36]


The objective of this work-package is the dissemination of the result of the project. This includes:

  • Dissemination
  • Communication
  • Quality Control

Task 6.1: Dissemination and Communication (All Participants)

  • Establish a dissemination plan of the major results of the project through website, workshops and publications. A Data Management Plan will be defined inside the Consortium.
  • Ensuring a Quality Control procedure to all the products of the project, with special focus on the publications.
  • Ensure that data is easily shared within the project and open data made available to external user.
  • During the EB meetings, the execution of the dissemination will be monitored, and the dissemination and exploitation strategy will be updated when needed.
  • As a support of the communication activities to the Commission services, the consortium will provide the Commission with a 2-page information sheet (A4) on an annual basis.
  • Publication of scientific papers in peer-reviewed Journals. Open Access policy for the publications.
  • Participation at international conferences.
  • Press release, media events, non technical publications (e.g. leaflet, factsheets, video, …).

Task 6.2: Web Project Conference and Final conference (All Participants)

  • A Web Project Conference will be organised, with the goal to sharing the information and lesson learned outside the Consortium with special commitment for participant of similar projects from Japan and Iceland, as well as IMAGE partner.
  • A final Conference will be organised, with the goal to disseminate the project results outside the Consortium and to get feedback, with special commitment for participant of similar projects from Japan and Iceland.

Task 6.3: Project website (All Participants)

  • The project website will consist of:
    • A public part dedicated to the scientific community, public and industry.
    • A private part dedicated to the project consortium (“Partner’s Corner”), realized with Virtual Research Environment (VRE) Technologies.
    • Shared Workspace or equivalent technology, acting as data repository: a remote, redundant file system able to store and organize data in different format and size in a system of folder, shared or not among the community.
    • A statistics tool reporting on the hits.

By VRE community members will be able to use:

  • metadata discovery function.
  • spatial data view, query and download.
  • statistical data analysis and will take advantage of modern facilities for collaboration, such as Collaboration Environments, Social Networking and Shared Workspace.