The DESCRAMBLE project is interested in ensuring the transfer of knowledge, best practices and stimulate implementation and further innovations, in addition to protect the participants’ interest and exploitation perspectives as well as to ensure maximum benefits for the European innovation community. The dissemination of the innovation findings is recognized by the partners as an essential element of the innovation.

Here below is the list of publications produced in the frame of DESCRAMBLE project. The abstract is always avaliable, whereas the full text is provided only for public or open access papers.

Date of publication Title Authors Where doi
15/02/2018 The First Results of the DESCRAMBLE Project Ruggero Bertani, Henrik Büsing, Stefan Buske, Andrea Dini, Magnus Hjelstuen, Massimo Luchini, Adele Manzella, Roar Nybo, Wolfgang Rabbel, Luca Serniotti and the DESCRAMBLE Science and Technology Team PROCEEDINGS, 43rd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir EngineeringStanford University, Stanford, California N/A
10-12/07/2017 Development of a Novel Logging Tool for 450°C Geothermal Wells Jon Vedum, Morten H. Røed, Sigbjørn Kolberg, Magnus Hjelstuen, Anders E. Liverud, Øyvind N. Stamnes International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society N/A
30/06/2017 Seismic Velocity Uncertainties and their Effect on Geothermal Predictions: A Case Study Rabbel, W., Jusri, T., Khon, D., Motra, H.B., Niederau, J., Schreiter, L., Thorwart, M., Wuttke, F., and the DESCRAMBLE Working group Energy Procedia N/A
12/04/2017 Engineers drill world's hottest well hoping for clean energy eruption EU - Alan Archer-Boyd Horizon - The EU research & Innovation Magazine N/A
07/12/2016 EU-Project Descramble CAU University of Kiel website news N/A
14/10/2016 Numerical simulation of a supercritical water/steam reservoir Jan Niederau, Henrik Büsing website news N/A
21/09/2016 Impact of an uncertain structural model on geothermal reservoir simulations Jan Niederau, Henrik Büsing, Christoph Clauser, Tomi Jusri, Ivano Dini, Ruggero Bertani Proceedings of the European Geothermal Congress N/A
21/09/2016 Pressure-enthalpy formulation for numerical simulations of supercritical water/steam systems applied to a reservoir in Tuscany, Italy Henrik Büsing, Jan Niederau, Christoph Clauser Proceedings of the European Geothermal Congress N/A
21/09/2016 Development of a Novel Logging Tool for 450°C Geothermal Wells Øyvind N. Stamnes, Morten H. Røed, Magnus Hjelstuen, Sigbjørn Kolberg, Sverre Knudsen, Jon Vedum, Nigel Halladay Proceedings of the European Geothermal Congress N/A
26/06/2016 The eastern Elba Island magmatic-hydrothermal complex: a proxy for the supercritical roots of Larderello geothermal system (Italy) DINI A., BROGI A., LIOTTA D., RIMONDI V., RUGGIERI G., ZUCCHI M. Goldschmidt N/A
31/10/2015 Novel drilling technology and investigation of supercritical condition in continental Europe: the DESCRAMBLE project Ruggero Bertani IMAGE project - Mid Term Conference abstract book N/A
29/10/2015 Going for a geothermal world record SINTEF website news N/A
24/10/2015 Drilling the world's hottest geothermal well SINTEF ICT Gemini article N/A
06/10/2015 Descramble – logging tool SINTEF website news N/A