Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is the day-to-day management team of the Consortium. The EB consists of the Project Coordinator, WP-leaders and Partner representatives. The EB is responsible for coordinating the work execution between the WPs, making decisions concerning the start-up, the execution and the closure of each task, handling the dependencies and the interactions between the various WP’s activities, assemble and monitor activities, output of deliverables, finance, time planning (milestones) and reporting.
The EB will also act as the most important problem-solving body inside the Consortium, in case of unsatisfactory behavior of one participant or not appropriate timely dispatching of the deliverables or unsatisfactory quality of the result, facing the question raised by one member of the EB and approving by majority the effective mitigation measures on a case by case approach.

Executive Board members

Participants Participant organization name Country Voting representative
EGP Enel Green Power Italy Paolo Romagnoli
CNR National Research Council of Italy Italy Adele Manzella
RWTH RWTH Aachen University Germany Christoph Clausert
CAU CAU Kiel University Germany Wolfgang Rabbel
TU BAF TU BA Freiberg University Germany Stefan Buske
SINTEF PR SINTEF Petroleum Norway Roar Nybø
SINTEF ICT SINTEF Instrumentation Norway Øyvind Stamnes