Newsflash #1: Temperature at 2500m

Temperature at 2500m

After the first phase of drilling the 9 5/8” casing has been positioned and cemented with shoe at 2.467 m; additional drilling will proceed down to 2.5 km. A Thermometry survey with two kuster tools at 2.49 km has been completed. Unfortunately, datapoints are available only after 20 h after the end of circulation, due to problems in kusters positioning. Without the first part of temperature rising the quality of extrapolation is poor, but at any rate we can evaluate a formation temperature of 386 °C (± 7°C)

Situation is getting HOT!

Effective measured data are 327.37°C after 20 hours of end of circulation and the last value of 342.15°C after 35 hours. Ready for starting the Second phase: drilling into the unexplored area with 8 1/2", immediately before the K target zone, not entering yet into it. As soon as an acceptable injection will be possible for cooling the well we are planning to run coring, VSP and geophysical logging. The SINTEF tool will be used at the end of this drilling phase and casing cementing. We will inform SINTEF staff about the best estimation for their expected commitment in the due time.