DESCRAMBLE has developed novel drilling technologies for a proof-of-concept test of reaching deep geothermal supercritical resources. It has drilled and tested the continental-crust condition for demonstrating novel drilling techniques, the control of gas emissions and high temperature/pressure conditions expected from the deep fluids.
DESCRAMBLE has also improved knowledge of deep chemical-physical conditions for predicting and controlling future drilling conditions. The test site has been an existing dry well in Larderello, Italy, already drilled to a depth of 2.2 km and temperature of 350 °C, which was deepened to 2.9 km depth reaching supercritical conditions.
The productivity and efficiency of the project were ensured by the combination of industrial and research participation and by the recognized expertise of the consortium in geothermal R&D as well as oil and gas drilling, combining excellence in both sectors is meant to drill in continental-crust, super-critical geothermal reservoir, to test and demonstrate novel drilling techniques to control gas emissions, the aggressive environment and the high temperature/pressure expected from deep fluids and to characterize the chemical and thermo-physical condition.